1UP – Mediterranean Sky – The Ship – YouTube

1UP or „One United Power“ is mostly famous for their worldwide graffiti activity. Street bombings in broad daylight, whole-cars in running traffic and rooftops at dizzying heights. As the artists hit the streets, they are also making waves in the art world, with installations, prints, canvases and books. There are international artists in the crew, men and women from cities all over Europe. It‘s a family, where „strength in unity“ is the rule: One Crew, One Love, One Power.

1UP – Urban Nation (urban-nation.com)

1UP stands for the Zeitgeist of Berlin like no other contemporary collective. Having it ́s DNA deeply rooted in the streets of Kreuzberg the crew turned into a global family, which is meanwhile one of the most famous graffiti crews worldwide. Collaborative and collective work with spectacular stunts and logistically highly demanding actions is part of the identity of the anonymous artists group.