Artist bio/statement.

Filip Rahim Hansson is an artist whose work sets out to stretch the boundaries and frames of reference in our society. Central to his practice are questions surrounding perfection as something that is constituted by change and acceptance—perspectives that are guided by his studies of Dharma.

Material as well as contextual versatility are key for Rahim Hansson. Some of his work is on the playful side, some of it political, all joined under the artist’s vision that art is telling us what we don’t yet know. Through collaboration, his own gallery and social projects, Rahim Hansson spreads the idea that creativity has its own unique form of perfection, beyond common notions and societal conventions.

Verktext/verk titel

Title: ”Indents of Identity: Unveiling Filip Rahim Hansson’s Mural”


Experience a captivating mural by artist Filip Rahim Hansson that challenges societal norms. This thought-provoking masterpiece explores the difficulty of finding indentation and affinity in society. Inspired by Dharma and embracing imperfections, the mural unveils a unique form of perfection beyond conventions. Witness the indents of identity and our profound connection to society through this artwork.


Independent Fine art artist

Filip Rahim Hansson

founder of galleri A1