Khaled Barakeh på Urbanarts4

Khaled Barakeh is a Syrian-born Berlin-based conceptual artist, cultural activist, and creative facilitator. Originally trained as a painter, he graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus in 2005 and received his MFA from Funen Art Academy in Odense in 2010. The geographical shift and the course of his studies spurred a transition into his current conceptual approach. In 2013, he completed a Meisterschuler study at the Städelschule Art Academy in Frankfurt a.M. 

Barakeh’s practice is based on reframing moments of dissonance and often outright injustice in political and social structures. Although he employs a wide range of artistic strategies, this is often achieved through deft manipulation of immediately recognizable and found objects and preexisting imagery. Barakeh’s Studio engagement is driven by what he has termed The Practice of Necessity, an ethos that dictates responses to the urgencies of ever-changing realities. That led him to found coculture, a nonprofit organization on rooted in the intersectionality between art, activism, and community building, to support exiled culture and cultural producers. Barakeh’s work has been exhibited internationally at museums, Biennales, and other institutions and venues. 

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