Who are you?


Were you from and how old are you?

From Hawaii 33

Whats your work/occupation?

Commission mural artist

What are you doing in life at them moment?

Travelling and learning to love myself and finding joy in everything in life, even the smallest of things

How did you find Graffiti Hangaren?

Heard friends talking about it

What have you been doing here?

Painting a mural!

Can you please tell us something about this painting/flower?

I like painting flowers or animals that are more in the category of fantasy. I find them more interesting to look at and paint. And they are more easily malleable to my style and abstractness which I also paint a lot. So this flower arrangement just sort of is a mix of fantasy flower and abstract elements surrounding it. I was told it looks like a Hawaiian volcano flower and I like that!

Can you tell us something about working here?

It was really peaceful at the hangar. I was lucky to have great weather and many smiling faces.

Did you like Malmö?

Yes I enjoy it here. After half a year in London with so many people it’s nice to come to a quiet more relaxed city.

Would you like to come back?

Yes definitely!

Instagram: zo1nky